Content Sharing Policy

Let’s be clear: we absolutely love it when you share our content. In fact, we actively encourage it! However, re-posting any of our work without credit isn’t in the spirit of social media and is copyright theft.

Our graphic designers work really hard to bring you unique, original content and while they are delighted if it leaves you impressed, they quickly become sad if people opt to steal their hard work.

So here is the deal. We provide our content free of charge and you re-post it free of charge under our creative commons policy.

The Golden Rules

  • Attribution: You must credit Breathe Chelsea in order to use, copy, or share the content. 
  • Non-Commercial: You can’t make a profit from the content. 
  • No Derivative Works: You can’t change the content in anyway. This includes size adjustments, visual manipulation and the overlaying of your own logo, handle or website. 

Facebook Share Instructions

There are two ways you can show your love for Breathe Chelsea’s content on Facebook.

  • Method 1 is via a link share. This is where you credit Breathe Chelsea in the description of your post. If you apply the ‘@’ symbol then proceed to type out ‘Breathe Chelsea,’ a drop down menu should appear with a list of pages. Select Breathe Chelsea from the list and BOOM! You’ve credited our work!
  • Method 2 is to directly share from our page. Just head on over to Breathe Chelsea’s Facebook page and click the share button. If your sharing to another page, select the option ‘share from a page you manage’ and KAZAM! You’ve just made our graphic designers day!


Twitter Share Instructions

There are two ways you can give Breathe Chelsea a high five on Twitter.

  • Method 1 is via a link share. This is where you credit Breathe Chelsea in the description of your Tweet. Just type @BreatheChels in your Tweet and POW! You’ve made a massive professional stride – for that we may drop you a retweet!
  • Method 2 is the more simple, encouraged method which is to directly retweet from our page. Just head on over to Breathe Chelsea’s Twitter page and click the ‘Retweet’ button and BAM! You’ve just appropriately credited our work and delighted us with your support!


Instagram Share Instructions

Showing your appreciation for our content is much harder on Instagram, as the platform doesn’t have it’s own share feature. However, where there is a will, there is a way. Repost is a fantastic app for assigning credit to content. It is free to download and very simple to use. Just copy our Gram URL and open the app. Our post will be in the app waiting for you to share! Don’t forget to drop us a mention in the description either. Just type ‘Image by: @breathechelsea’ into your gram and WAPAPAPOW! You have succeeded!

What Content Applies?

For Breathe Chelsea to operate, we frequently use third party content which is owned by the respective owners and does not apply to our policy. Of course, we credit this content to it’s respective owner. This section would be rather hypocritical otherwise!

Our own original content can be identified by our logo. We do not brand any third party content with our own logo, therefore, if you see a Breathe Chelsea logo on a picture or graphic then it does actually belong to us and we reserve all rights on that content.

Common Questions

Q: If I see a picture on Breathe Chelsea’s Instagram page but want to share it on my Facebook page, can I transfer that content over?

A: Yes you can! It’s nice and easy. We have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so take your pick and credit the adjacent social media account. We commonly engage with the many of you who have already done so to say thank you!

Q: If I see a picture on Facebook but want to share it on Google + how do I credit if you don’t have a Google + account?

A: If we don’t have an account on a specific social media platform then do not worry. Just credit our website ( As long as people are able to easily find the source then our policy has been adhered to and our earlier mentioned graphic designers remain happy! Leaving them in the mood to create even more content for you and other Chelsea fans to enjoy.

Q: What happens if I do not adhere to Breathe Chelsea’s content share policy?

A: Good content costs time and financial investment to make, therefore we actively act on infringement by forcibly removing all content from pages that don’t adhere to our share policy.