The past few months have been very difficult for the Chelsea football club as well as their supporters.

The inertia which has gripped the club can be easily seen in their performances. Read any Chelsea-related article and you’d see how everyone has been talking about the Blues’ newly-acquired capacity of turning triumphant situations into adversity.

Regardless of the ongoing arguments about who should be blamed for the crisis that has caused English champions being bypassed by Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City, there’s an apparent approaching consensus.

All the fans of Chelsea FC are united in terms of their desire of seeing the club make a fresh start. The key people who are holding up that process right now are the manager Antonio Conte, owner Roman Abramovich and the star-footballer Eden Hazard.

Although Abramowich’s thought process might have been side-lined by the redevelopment plans scheduled for the Chelsea Stadium, unless the team gets back to its winning ways, by at least continuing their participation in the Champions League, the huge Stamford Bridge could possibly turn out to be the largest white elephant ever witnessed in football.

What would at first appear to be their salvation would quickly turn to dust as a lack of money influx, including everything from ticket sales to that often under-reported part of sports: sports betting. While a lack of ticket sales would spell obvious disaster, those who watch it from home and usually make use of the very best of 2018 online betting offers for the team, but who have now lost interest in giving them even the slightest chance would bleed out a major revenue stream for the Chelsea stadium and its team. Sports betting, which attracts hundreds of sports fans by giving them a stake in the outcome of their favourite team, is an industry that grows incrementally with each passing year and for Chelsea to lose that stream could spell the end for them

The dim attendance at the Emirates as Manchester City made small work of Arsenal with a 3-0 score line in their Premier League game, was a good indicator of what can happen if a big football club goes into stagnation and doesn’t perform. Arsenal didn’t win a single trophy for 10 years under Arsene Wenger, something that Roman Abramovich might never be able to tolerate. One year is maximum that the Russian seems to be able to tolerate, and Antonio Conte is rapidly lurching into the territory of impatience.

Joyful memories of winning the last year’s Premier League title are rapidly fading away. Team selection, tactics, training and transfers are being closely scrutinised and the support group for the Italian coach is thinning with each passing day. Everyone is talking about the team’s poor results and how Eden Hazard has been misused continuously in the form of a false number 9.

The 27-year old talented footballer who has been chased by Real Madrid for many years now, hasn’t yet signed a fresh contract with Chelsea. Being based in London, he is closely watching the Conte situation unfold. If many are to be believed, the Italian would no longer be in charge of the blues going into the next season. A lot will therefore depend upon who replaces Antonio Conte.

While supporters of any football club would tell you that no player is ever bigger than the team, seeing one of the brightest stars of football leaving the club, because of nothing but sheer mismanagement, would be very bitter pill to swallow for the Chelsea followers. They’re already miffed about the former blues’ Kevin De Bruyne and Mohamed Salah lighting things up for the rival clubs.

The fans are clearly asking for a change and they are hell-bent upon seeing Conte’s back. What exactly catalyses Italian’s departure is yet to be seen, but the tipping point doesn’t seem to be very far away!