Fancy working for Breathe Chelsea? We’re always on the lookout for new members to join our team!

Breathe Chelsea is a fast growing News/Media publisher, dedicated to covering all of the latest reports relating to Premier League side Chelsea Football Club.

We have re-shaped the way Chelsea fans consume their online content, and we’re proud of both the work we do and the team who have made Breathe Chelsea become one of the most innovative, creative and high quality brands within the football community.

Such is the notability of our work, we are able to boast publications in the following mainstream media sports outlets:

But of course, we aren’t done yet. At Breathe Chelsea we are always on the look out for new team members who can further improve our content and help us to grow even more. Given that we are simply a team of Chelsea fans with a passion for football and online media, the door is always open for fellow fans to come and contribute!

Breathe Chelsea is a well structured and organised brand. We have three departments, with each one covering different operational areas. Whether you consider yourself to have creative falir, journalistic prowess or a strong business acumen, Breathe Chelsea is the right place for you to come and express yourself.

In our opinion, personality is just as important as talent. Here are some of the more interpersonal attributes we look for in potential team members.

If you possess each of these traits, it is more than likely that we would love to have you as a part of the team that spends each and every day looking to improve Breathe Chelsea and inform fans around the globe about the latest Chelsea news.

Whether you’re a social media master, graphic designer, video maker, article writer, communications specialist or anything else for that matter, we would love to hear from you about how you believe you may be able to provide value to Breathe Chelsea.

To tell us about what you can do and apply for a position with Breathe Chelsea, please email

As well as explaining how you would like to contribute, we recommend you attach some examples of your work.

Feel free to use the same email address for any questions you may have, or alternatively you can ask us via our Twitter and Instagram pages!


I love Breathe Chelsea. The Editing is on FIRE! @m.iman.m

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Breathe Chelsea is becoming so good! I’ve been here since it had only 10K followers and watching them grow gives me joy!


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Oh my God! I love Breathe Chelsea… can’t live without them!


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Breathe Chelsea not only delivers results, but the professionalism and high quality content is a dream for us. Whenever a client asks for an example of what we’re doing, we always show Breathe Chelsea’s!

Tom Bore


Easily the best Chelsea related brand!


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This is one of the best Chelsea related brands ever! Really pleasing on the eye and accurate information. Congratulations to the entire team! Looking forward to more amazing content!


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