Former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho and his staff received an astronomical £8.3m compensation for getting sacked.

The former ‘special one’ and his staff were sacked in December 2015 after a dismal half season in charge.

Figures also show that he and his staff have been paid £31.4m in total since 2007 after they were first sacked in 2007.

Roman Abramovich was so incensed by the initial  £23.1m amount he had to pay in 2007 to sack Mourinho that he reportedly vowed to never let it happen again.

Mourinho had signed a contract in August 2015 worth £13m a year so Abramovich only paid Mourinho for the rest of the season.

Abramovich clearly learnt his lesson after having to pay out Mourinho’s entire contract that was remaining back in 2007.

Chelsea also paid Adidas £67m to terminate their shirt deal with them in order to sign with Nike. While they have taken a loss in revenue this season, the Nike deal is worth £60m a season for 15 years.  This is double the amount Chelsea received from Adidas which was £30m a year.

Their need for a new 60,000 capacity stadium was also highlighted after figures showed that Stamford Bridge only accounted for 21% of their overall revenue.

Chelsea’s new stadium design

The financial report for the 2015-16 campaign showed a £70.6m loss although that includes the £67m they paid Adidas.

The financial report should be much better next year as Chelsea will have likely secured Champions league football which will increase their share of the television revenue. They will also have the new deal from Nike which will keep Chelsea’s accountants happy.